About the Goldberg brand

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For over 20 years now, we have been manufacturing glass for the most demanding clientele, great aristocratic houses. This has allowed us to study original glassmaking and refining techniques. Thus we have gained a great insight into historical contexts, lifestyles and tastes, with the opportunity to follow social and technological advances up to the present day.

The idea of reviving the GOLDBERG trademark attracted our attention for several reasons.
Over the centuries, hundreds of small and large glass companies have been established in Bohemia. Their success was determined by numerous factors: their ability to produce the highest quality molten glass; their pursuit of innovation; their quality craftsmanship; and also their flexibility and quick orientation on the market. The rise and fall of many manufacturers was brought about by political circumstances. In the case of the original Carl Goldberg company in Nový Bor, these were the events of the turbulent 1920s and the Great Depression, two world wars, and nationalization after 1945. The Carl Goldberg company along with other defunct companies left behind a fantastic heritage in terms of art and craftsmanship, nowadays found in museum and private collections, and also more rarely in antique markets. Current production, which is based on this legacy, is very exclusive.

It is our ambition to follow this great tradition of production, craftsmanship and aesthetics. In this connection we must mention trade, as the majority of glass production was intended for export. With our production capacity and experience, the renewal and registration of the GOLDBERG brand was a logical step.

The present GOLDBERG brand is inspired by the original’s visual style, including shapes and ornamentation. We create outstanding designer collections in collaboration with such excellent artists as František Jungvirt, Zdeněk Lhotský and Paulina Skavová.

Our thanks go to PhDr. Petr Nový for an erudite historical research on the Carl Goldberg company, and to Mgr. Eliška Vavříčková and Mgr. Tereza Bednářová from the Museum of Glass in Nový Bor for making the thematic part of the museum collections accessible.

We believe that the GOLDBERG glass / collections will bring enduring aesthetic value and joy to your interiors.

for G1 PARTNERS s.r.o., Petr Seifert